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The Quake Doctors and Medication


The Quake Doctors and Medication


We have been seeing and hearing every now and then, there has been a sick patient treated by a quack doctor and as he/she undergoes an operation the patient had consequently died because of improper medication during pre and post-operative treatments.  Recently a Doctor in Tirunelveli along with his son{unqualified} done an operation on a patient and the eventual collapse led to various complication and subsequently the doctor was arrested and a case has been in the court,  it is said over 40000 doctors are available under this category in Tamilnadu alone.  Then infer yourself there would just those doctors in our Country and in remote places in North India and that too in interior villages there are still in plenty doing the rounds of medical doctors and prescribing various fake treatments. These doctors follow a frenemy atmosphere to lure in their patients.


In our State of Tamilnadu the relevant Medical Department will come into action whenever there is a serious fever erupts amongst the people like Dengue, Chicken Gunia and others which require their attention.  Once the disease is settled the whole Health department goes into the oblivion and just brush aside the happenings.  In such situations are ceremoniously utilised by these fake doctors and who propagates the fake medication and still our illiterate masses from villages meticulously follow these too, the uneducated masses are become you are toast situation. It is very difficult to stop these quake physicians and their activities as they run in lakhs in numbers throughout India and its deep villages. They cannot be totally reprimanded from the society.  The notorious ones get into the clutches of legal ambiguity and get tested.  After the case also he follows suit what he had been doing.

Though the Government hospitals give free and easy treatments, the people are hesitating to go to them.  Just for the reason,  it takes a long time and a patient can get into their treatment with great difficulty and that too tipping from the ward boy to the supreme person.  Just to avoid such situations the poor and unaffordable patients get into the hands of these quake doctors and they treat them for lesser charges and give them the medication which is unknown to them.  This ignorance makes these doctors thrive their business on all vantage areas. These people do not go into the details of the educational qualification of the doctor nor his experience etc.  They want their ailment to be treated and get recovery at the earliest time. How do we get out of this menace?  What does the legal treatment can be effectively taken against those doctors? There are here and there cases identified and taken into legal custody and questioned.  What about the rest of the person who is willing in the large? We have never considered such treatments like none the worse for fear.  They are all thriving in spite of the effective functioning of all legal systems.  These doctors establish the loopholes of the area, people and their ignorance as their tool and start to thrive in their business and ultimately they stamp their ground very effectively in all vulnerable places.


There has beenbeen restriction on prescriptions where the medical shops give medicine to all those who come in with or without prescription and even sometimes they suggest some medicine for certain ailment without a qualified physician at their counter. There should be restrictions and these medical shops do not encourage such medications and they should prohibit supplying medicines without prescriptions.  In spite of  the fake doctor’s identity is unknown to the medical shops and they just follow those without even having an iota of doubt and give the medicines. There are certain letter pads without the names of the doctors and so on so forth.  Some chit sent by a quake doctor is treated as prescription and the medicines are given.  These are literally prohibited by the Medical council and still there are no onlookers to these practices. There are certain Medical Shops run Medical Clinics inside their shop and conduct a mini hospital and prescribe medicines with a fake doctor. Like so there are so many Testing Labs which are printing letter pads for their doctors and invite them to write in all tests and refer to their labs for specific tests of every nature.  The doctors get their cut in a form of commission from these goons and enjoy their life. This act is none other than shooting from the hip. And more so these fake doctors refer their patients to some private hospital where they cannot lay hand on their diseases and by referring they get in their commission.  The qualified ones do not mind such references and do not take cognisance of his stature and not even complain to Medical Council because if they do so, their referrals get discontinued,


With such a growth potential available for these fake doctors how can they be snubbed. From the patient, common man and the Professional Clinics seek their help and who is going to bell the cat.  What sort of legalisation can prevent such doctors? It is a million dollar question.  There are very many, amalgamates with the trade to get themselves thrive out of it. What new laws can stop them?  In the absence of the same the whole Medical field has become wayward and in an abysmal situation. Should there be a stringent punishment for the wrong doers with a hefty fine would only evolve some correction.  There should be a clear-cut law that all doctors who practice allopathic should be properly registered in the Medical Council and only those alone can practise as per the established practices.  All others who do not comply such norms have to be punished heavily. Likewise all other doctors who are qualified under Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Siddha as per legal expectations should not prescribe allopathic medicines as their study comes under alternate medicines. The Statistics of the Indian Medical Council says in our country there are 9.32 lakhs of Allopathic doctors and 6.86 lakhs of Ayush doctors (Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and Homeopathy).


In India for every 1700 people there is a doctor available as per the enumeration. To substantiate the management of medication to all the people the Allopathic and Ayush doctors can be divided as the case may be and treat patient’s as per their need. The 2014 Conference of National Indian Medical Council there was a recommendation of Ayush doctors to go hand in glove to support the Allopathic doctors and practice.  This would only encourage fake medicines to go in circulation thwarting the real need of treating the right patients rightly. It was a clear-cut decision made in the conference that these Ayush doctors cannot be reckoned with the Allopathic doctors as their Assistants and the second in line too.  This was vehemently objected by the council. The Indian National Council for Medication is formed by the various Popular Physicians across the country and they have certain demarcation of practices and prescription of Medicines to various diseases. This is formed by the Government and framing of rules and regulations are done with the help of our Government. The Delhi Medical council has recently come out with the decision, If Ayush Practitioners follow Allopathic medicines they would be fined up to 20000 Rupees and shall be imprisoned for three years minimum.

Contrary to this in Tamilnadu all Corporate Medical Practitioners take in the Ayush doctors as their assistants and request them to prescribe Allopathic Medicines. The Indian Medical Council has to take cognizance of these things and organise to get into their business and act suitably.


Let there be law and enforcement.  If we do not realise as a common man and subsequently the doctors do not come in the way of people going into quake treatments, it is very difficult to stop this. In this process all Medical Institutions, Medical Councils of States, Bigger Laboratories who do the tests, the Medical Shops, the Medical Research centres, all this body should go hand in glove and cooperate.  Unless this is done very effectively the fake doctors and fake medication cannot be erased from our Medical History.

This has to be definitely treated at par with some important legislation and the respective Governments in our Country to abide by the rules and regulations.


T Mohenchander



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